Dog Training

Dog Training

Brandon McMillan has been training animals both exotic and domestic for nearly his entire life. Born into a family of wild animal trainers, Brandon started working with dogs when he was knee high. It is these deeply ingrained experiences that continue to sustain and inspire him in his commitment to and passion for training dogs for films, in the homes of clients, dog shelters and service dogs.

One thing Brandon is well known for in Los Angeles is working with highly aggressive shelter dogs that have been deemed “Untrainable.” Brandon’s background of working with large predators has gained him a unique status as a professional dog trainer. “People tell me all the time that their dog is so out of control that they don’t want a dog trainer…they need a wild animal trainer.” Brandon is well known for rescuing dogs from the shelter where their days were numbered, training them and turning them into movie stars and even service dogs for the handicapped.


Because of his singular connection to the animal world, Brandon’s approach to dog training is predicated on his unique insights onto the canine mind. His techniques are both innovative and highly effective, resulting in a recipe for success that is a bold mixture of both his compassion for animals and his keen, lifelong observations of their behavior.

Many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities have called upon Brandon’s expertise to help with their out of control pets. McMillan says “I get approached all the time by actors and musicians while I’m on set. They’d see me training one of my dogs for their movie or music video and ask if I could help with theirs at home.”

Brandon has also trained dogs for wounded warriors with injuries that require service dogs. “Many of the military members come back from war missing limbs and are suffering from overall PTSD.” McMillan says.



“I wanna help by giving them the greatest gift of all. A dog that’ll assist them in areas they can’t help themselves.” Many of Brandon’s service dogs are assisting double amputee veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center outside Washington DC. The dogs help their owners up and down steps, pick up and give objects to them making life easier for the service members.


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